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Complete Canine of Columbus offers private lessons, group lessons, residency programs and in home training visits which are all part of a personalized training plan based on the personality of your dog and the needs and lifestyle of your family.  Other types of training offerings are listed below.


  • Rescue/Adoption Adaption

  • Confidence building in under socialized dogs

  • Dealing with daily issues such as

    • Fearfulness

    • Aggression

    • Hyperactivity

    • Destructive behavior

    • Excessive barking

    • Digging

    • Jumping up

    • Pulling on the leash

    • Barking out windows

    • Trash diving

    • And other unwanted behavior


Complete Canine of Columbus has extensive professional work including but not limited to:


  • Protection/personal security

  • Tracking

  • Scent detection

  • Multifunction k-9s

  • Mobility assistance training

  • Psychiatric service training

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